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About OCDoskop

Office for Cooperation with Civil Society has developed an interactive web platform OCDoskop, within the "Civil Society Enabling Environment" project, aiming to offer a comprehensive image of the civil society in Serbia.

In this text we would like to bring you closer to some of the features of the OCDoskop platform.

The aim of this platform is to presentthe civil society in Serbia, through an overview of the civil society organizations themselves, as well as the areas in which organizations are working, the activities undertaken and target groups their programs focus on. We hope that OCDoskop will further contribute to networking and cooperation between organizations, as well as to the greater support for the civil sector by the local communities, and both private and public sector.



OCDoskop is divided into several segments and is published in Cyrillic, Latin and English version.


This page offers an overview of the organizations based on their geographic location, contains a selection of news and "fast" links to detailed search, registration, OCDoskop’s social network profiles and the profiles of the latest registered organizations.


On this page you can learn about the newson the work of OCDoskop member organizations, as well as on the current issues within the civil sector – competitions, events, etc.

This section is divided into the following sub-categories - events, projects, campaigns, competitions and information – in order to enable easy search and browse of the news.


This page allows you tooffer support the specific projects or initiatives posted by organizations. Here you can also perform a more detailed search for initiatives that require support,on the basis of one or more criteria, such as the area in which the project/initiative is implemented, the place where the project/initiative is implemented, target group, type of support (volunteers, financial support, space, equipment).


This page provides an overview of all the organizations registered at OCDoskop.It is possible to search the organization according to several criteria, which can be found in the section:

Detailed search

In this section you can search the organizations under one or more criteria, such as:

organization’s name, category of the organization, year of establishment, place where the organization operates, territory of operation, primary target group, dominant type of activities of the organization, number of active people in the organization, total number of permanently and project-based employed staff in the organization, whether the organization engages volunteers, the way its activities are funded, annual budget, donors that currently support or have supported in the past the work of the organization, whether the organization is registered to carry out economic activities, whether the organization has established procedures/ policy in the areas of employment, whether the organization has the obligation to implement the Law on public procurement, whether the organization has a Gender equality policy, whether the organization has a Code of Ethics, whether the organization has a strategic plan, whether the organization has published a transparent financial report.

Organization profile

Public profile organization shows the most important information from the scope of work of the organization, an overview of donors, the most important projects, as well as the news from the organization and overview of initiatives/projects for which there is a need for support.

This page also offers the possibility of the evaluation of the organization (through rating from 1 to 10), form for scheduling meetings with selected organization, as well as the possibility of leaving comments on its profile.


This segment represents a directory of resources that organizations have produced.

With further development of thiswebsite,on this page you will be able to browsepublications, books and other materials on a variety of topics within the scope of work of the OCDoskop member organizations.


In the "Development" section, the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society will publish a variety of information related to the development of organizations and their capacities, as well as to the sustainability of the entire civil sector.

This page includes publications, brochures, information on trainings for CSOs and other material focused on civil society development.


In case you have a problem or any concern about the use of any part of this website, please be free tocontact us at admin@ocdoskop.rs, or find us and post the question on facebook.com/ocdoskop.


Web platform OCDoskop was developed as part of the "Civil Society Enabling Environment" project, supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Office for Cooperation with Civil Society, Government of the Republic of Serbia, has signed, on February 14th 2014, anSub-Agreement with the USAIDon the implementation of this project, within the framework of the Assistance Agreement For Government Operations Improved between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the United States, signed in 2010.

The "Civil Society Enabling Environment" project is focused on various aspects of fostering cooperation between civil society and public administration and local self-government, as well as on improving the regulatory framework within which civil society operates. Project activities include, among others, the implementation of a wide consultative process to develop the first National Strategy for Creating an Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development in the Republic of Serbia,for the period from 2015 to 2019, raising capacity of all stakeholders in its implementation, contributing to networking and empowerment of civil society through trainings for organizations and establishment of national and regional platforms aimed at improving the enabling environment for the development and sustainability of civil society.